Why Freedom Requires Honor: A very short American history!

Divisive political ideology, racial discrimination and theological dogma seem to be tearing us apart more and more each day. Contemporary discourse continually pits religious, political, social and racial factions in opposition to one another.   Our nation was founded on the incredibly radical notion of freedom and equality for all, and yet the controversies of our time seem to move us further from the ideals upon which we were established. Consider the second sentence of the Declaration of Independence...

Stand Out From the Crowd – Part 2: Honor Matters

As we discovered in the previous posts, there was an excellent spirit in Daniel and a he made a series of strategic life choices that caused him to standout and rise above his peers. We read about his second major promotion in Daniel chapter 2 when he is summoned by the King and asked to interpret the meaning of … Continue reading Stand Out From the Crowd – Part 2: Honor Matters