The story of Daniel is full of fantastic juxtapositions and contradiction.  He was an exile and member of a subjugated race in a foreign land and yet he rose to the heights of political influence in meteoric fashion.  His life and story are marked by fantastic miracles, supernatural revelation and sagacious wisdom.  So how did Daniel rise from such traumatic beginnings to the pinnacle of power?  How did he stand out from the thousands of other exiles, advisors and officials?

A Story of Deliberate Choices: A close study of the life of this incredible man reveals a series of simple choices that he made that aligned him with the plan God had for His life. These choices consistently prepared him to respond with acumen and insight during each challenging obstacle he faced.

A Story of Personal Promotions: The book of Daniel reveals a series of 5 career promotions that were pivotal in his rise to power and influence.  As we study this book together, we will look closely at the specific decisions and life choices Daniel made the readied and fortified him to stand out from the crowd in a series of seminal moments.  His responses to each of these moments led to significant career opportunities and promotions.

A Story We Can Learn From: Like Daniel, we can choose to position ourselves to stand out from the crowd by establishing similar habits and disciplines in our lives. As you read each section, use the concepts you discover and the choices Daniel made to prompt reflection on your own life.  Ask yourself how these choices can be applied to your own life.

(This is still a work in progress. It will eventually be a complete Bible study available in a downloadable PDF form on this website.)


PROMOTION 1: Exile to Advisor (Daniel 1)

PROMOTION 2: Advisor to Provincial Ruler (Daniel 2-4)

PROMOTION 3: Provincial Ruler to Imperial Ruler (Daniel 5)

PROMOTION 4: Imperial Ruler to President (Daniel 6-8)

PROMOTION 5: President to Prophet (Daniel 9-12)

  • Tip 14 – Never Stop Learning
  • Tip 15 – Own the Mistakes (coming soon)
  • Tip 16 – Cultivate Strength (coming soon)

CONCLUSION: Bringing it All Together (coming soon)