The book of Ezra is an fascinating narrative, chronicling the rebuilding of the temple in Jerusalem during the end of Israel’s time of captivity in Babylonian. The leadership required to achieve this in spite of the cultural, economic and political realities of the time, make it nothing short of brilliance.  As we study the text, it is clear God moved in miraculous ways and was the primary reason for the successes.  However at every turn and in the face of every obstacle, God chose to work through leaders of the highest caliber who made specific choices that led to greatness being unleashed through them.

(This is still a work in progress. It will eventually be a complete Bible study available in a downloadable PDF form on this website.)

Introduction – Choosing Greatness

Part I: Personal Choices

Part II: Practical Choices

Part III: Public Choices

Part IV: Principled Choices

Conclusion: Putting it All Together (coming soon)