Have you ever felt like you were all alone?

Be honest…

Sometimes it seems like no one is paying attention.  In our most honest and vulnerable moments, I believe we all feel this way. This is perhaps one of Satan’s most devastating lies.

Over and over in the Bible we see the pattern of people feeling isolated, alone and forgotten. And over and over, we encounter a God who is relentlessly in pursuit of relationship with every one of us.

Consider when the entire nation of Israel was enslaved, suffering under the brutal oppression and demands of their Egyptian taskmasters.  In this seemingly hopeless moment, God appears to Moses with this reminder, “I have surely seen the affliction of my people who are in Egypt, and have heard their groaning, and I have come down to deliver them. And now come, I will send you to Egypt” (Acts 7:34).

Notice what God is declaring in this passage. He reminded Moses, and reminds us today, that He is an active and involved God, attentive to the lives of His people. This pattern is repeated throughout scripture:

  1. God Sees
  2. God Hears
  3. God Intersects
  4. God Sends

Let’s look closer at each of these aspects of the pattern of God’s interaction with us.

God Sees: God sees everything that happens in our lives. What crisis are you navigating right now? Perhaps you have experienced rejection from a spouse, friend or co-worker.  Maybe you are struggling with unfulfilled dreams, ambitions and desires that are slowly becoming unrealized. Perhaps chronic illness has overtaken life and prayers don’t seem to change anything.  Maybe you are experiencing the heartache of deep personal loss right now. Whatever your situation, God sees.

God Hears: We can take tremendous comfort, in the fact that God’s pattern is that He not only sees, but also hears.  The God of the universe is not just aware of what is happening in your life; He is attentive to the cry of your heart.

When God listens to your heart… what does He hear?  Does He hear an invitation to intersect your life?  Does He hear an openness to His way of delivering you from the situation?

God Intersects: Moses longed to bring deliverance and freedom to his people. However, he to wait 40 years to receive the calling on his life that he longed for.  It wasn’t until he completely surrendered his life to God, that the deliverance came. God continually seeks to intersect our lives and allow us to step into the abundant life He designed for us to live.  And yet, He tends to choose not to force His way in.  His pattern is that he waits for invitation and an openness from us.

God Sends: The final part of the pattern of God’s responsiveness in our lives, is that He sends us out on mission to help others understand and accept His invitation to be the solution to the challenges and crisis in life.

Where in your life do you need to experience the responsiveness of God?

  • Do you need to remember that He sees?
  • Do you need to alter what He hears from you today?
  • Do you need to allow Him to intersect your circumstance?
  • Do you need to be sent out on mission to share this message with others?

I would love to hear your thoughts… shoot me an email at jagianotti@yahoo.com, or leave a comment below.

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