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God uniquely designed you to truly love your life! My question is.. do you”

Bookstores and blogs fill our world with quick fix promises for a better life. But none can offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Everyone I know WANTS to love life! But most people seem to find the notion all to elusive!  Perhaps this is because we look to others to validate our own ideas for what a our life should be like. Maybe we should look to the Author of Life for insight on how to cultivate a life we can love.

“Whoever desires to LOVE LIFE and see good days, let him keep his tongue from evil and his lips from speaking deceit; let him turn away from evil and do good; let him seek peace and pursue it. For the eyes of the Lord are on the righteous, and his ears are open to their prayer.”

1 Peter 3:10-12

There it is… the most pure and simple recipe for creating a life that we can love! We must control what we speak and what we seek!

 How to Love Life:

  • Step 1 – Choose to SPEAK Life & Truth
  • Step 2 – Choose to SEEK Good & Peace

Choosing to Speak Life and Truth: You might think this is too simple… but that really is the first step in cultivating a live worth loving. We read in Peter that we must choose to speak things that are life giving and truth filled rather then words that are evil and untrue. Consider the wise words of Solomon “Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruits” (Proverbs 18:21).  The words we choose to emanate from our mouths determine whether we live a vibrant or decrepit life. This is not to suggest we should recite superficial wishful aphorisms and platitudes.  Rather, we should consistently speak life and truth over our lives, in our conversations and in the inner monologue of our minds.

Choosing to Seek Good & Peace: Next we read that our words alone are not enough. We must intentionally seek to do good and pursue a life of peace.  I recently heard Erwin McManus observe that “humans create futures.”  Every single day our choices define the trajectory of our lives.  Every choice moves us towards, or away from, a life we will love! We create incredible futures when we choose good things; when we choose peace.  Conversely, we create acerbic futures when we choose the contrary.  It is so easy to get caught up in scandal, controversy and sensationalism.  And yet, when we seek these things we create dramatic, discontented and isolated futures for our lives.  Those kinds of lives not worth loving.

The 100% Satisfaction Guaratee: As this portion of the book of Peter concludes, we read a remarkable promise.  Those who choose to orient what they speak and seek in this way are assured that God will see and hear them.  Consider the power of that promise. The creator of the universe is attentive to the lives of those who speak life and truth, and seek good and peace in their daily lives. This is a promise upon which we an stake our lives

What kind of life do you desire?  If you want to love your life, choose wisely each day that which you speak and seek.

If you want to love your life… build that future!


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