My alarm reverberated obnoxiously, disrupting the stillness of my sleep far too early this morning.

I am committed to wake up early in order to exercise, read and pray.  However, each morning when the alarm rings, it is a fight to keep these commitments.  My brain comes up with every conceivable excuse to avoid getting out of the warmth of my bed. With MUCH resistance, I got out of bed and head outside with my faithful running partner, a husky named Yukon.

The moment we stepped outside, I was faced with a new reason to return to bed. It was raining and cold.  Immediately, soaking and miserable, I began debating whether we should return home. But then I looked down at Yukon. He could not have been more ecstatic. As we ran, he seemed to get more joyful with every bounding step.  Buoyed by his enthusiasm, we kept running.

At home after the run I was so grateful to have kept the commitment to exercise.  I was grateful that my perspective had shifted, even if it took a dog to do it.

Screen Shot 2017-10-12 at 10.56.31 AM

Everything is a matter of perspective.  Rain can either be a downer, or an opportunity to push through and overcome a barrier… after all, the ran cooled us down as we ran.  Challenges at work, setbacks in our personal lives or tensions in relationship can either crush us our strengthen us. Its all about whether we choose an optimistic perspective.

Optimism is choice… and it is easier to make if we choose to be around optimistic people (or dogs). Here are two choices we can make to help us flip our perspective on our situations when they get tough:

Two Choices that Influence Our Perspective:

  • Choice 1: Choose to be Optimistic
  • Choice 2: Choose to Be Around People Who Choose to Be Optimistic

Who are you spending time with?  Are they helping you choose an optimistic outlook on life?


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