Summer in the north eastern part of the United States this year has seen frequent rainstorms interspersed with long hot sunny days.  The result has been the growth of lush, dense foliage in the forested trails around my house.

A few weeks ago I was on a run in a nearby park with Yukon, my Siberian Husky.  We chose a path we have run countless times and the familiarity of the trail shifted my mind into auto pilot. After a few miles of listening to the the rhythmic pattern of our foot falls on the trail, we rounded a bend and without notice the trail disappeared into tangle of dense overgrown floral and fauna that had not previously been there.

Yukon in dense trail.JPG
Yukon disappearing into the overgrown trail!

As I came to a screeching halt, Yukon kept trying to pull us onward.  Although I couldn’t see the path, Yukon clearly knew the way.  I got down on my knees and sure enough, the path was clearly visible from his vantage point at ground level.

How often in life does the path forward seem obscured?  We need people around us that we trust implicitly to help us see the way forward.  As a team leader at work, I have to develop confidence and trust in those closest to the path as they often have the clearest understanding of the way forward in the face of an immediate crisis.

Who do you have in your life that is closer to the path?  Are you willing to trust them?

After recognizing Yukon could clearly see the way forward, I stood back up and began to run cautiously forward. Guided by tension on the leash, I allowed Yukon to lead the way. Soon we were past the overgrowth.

This experience made me wonder who in my world can help navigate the overgrowth that so frequently faces me at work, at home and in the other areas of life?

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