This morning I woke up and went for a run through the trails of a park down the road from my house.  My Siberian Husky Yukon and I have have literally run thousands of miles through these beautiful, tree shrouded trails.

Yukon always leads the way on his six foot long leash. Usually, full of boundless energy, he pulls hard and sets an aggressive pace. Today however, he seemed distracted and hesitant.  He seemed to want to stop and smell each tree, root and bush.  Our pace slowed dramatically.  Regardless of the speed I wanted to run… Yukon was slowing us down.

My mind wandered to Yukon’s distant relatives, who are breed to pull dogsleds for miles across the arctic wilderness in races like the famed Iditarod. I wondered if the people who depend on those dogs ever run into a similar predicament of a distracted and sluggish lead dog.

As I pondered these things, continually pulling Yukon along, I realized a universal principle that is true in all of our lives. You are only as fast as your lead dog!

We're OnlyAs Fast as Our Lead Dog!.jpg

The people we allow to lead us, determine the pace we will run.  Consider the pace of your boss, your coach, your professor or a mentor. We will never out pace those who lead us.

Another perspective, is that those we lead will never go further or faster than the pace we set!

Are we being challenged to run fast by those who lead us? If not, what will we do about it? Conversely, how does our pace impact those we seek to lead?

We Are Only As Fast as Our Lead Dog!


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