Everyone loves spending time with a great conversationalist.  People who naturally engage us in great conversations a fascinating.  If, like most of us, you aren’t the best at cultivating conversations, check out this earlier with tips for cultivating great conversations.

If you have been working on this for a bit… you might begin asking, how can I know if am am getting any better in my efforts to become a great conversationalist?


Assess Your Reality –  Taking time to assess how we are actually doing is the crucial first step toward improving any habit or discipline we want to work on.  In order to improve the quality of our conversations, we need to reflect on the types or conversations we currently have and what information we currently allow into our conversational space.  Take a moment to consider the following questions about the quality of your own current conversations.

  1. Who am I having meaningful conversations with regularly?
  2. What are my top 5 topics of conversation?
  3. How am I adding value to others through my conversations?
  4. When was the last time I had a conversation with someone with a different perspective?
  5. How did I respond to the person with a different perspective?
  6. If I had a picture of the 5 people I talk with the most, would they all look the same?
  7. Do I listen when others challenge my perspectives?
  8. What media outlets and voices am I allowing to shape my perspectives?
  9. When was the last time a conversation changed my opinion?
  10. How much time do you spend listening in conversations


As you reflect on those questions, pick one that you might want to focus on today… the very act of reflecting helps us identify and improve.


Do you have any other suggestions for the list?  Share them in the comment section below!


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