A few days ago, heaven celebrated the arrival of my grandfather… and we said goodbye.

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I initially posted some of these thoughts on Instagram, but wanted to also put here with a few expanded thoughts

My grampa was the most impressive man I have ever known. He truly lived like Jesus. His love for others was relentless and unconditional. He showed me so much…

Most importantly, he showed me that only 2 things truly matter…  loving God and loving everyone around you.

PAPA Tribute

He showed me how to love Jesus, how to know Jesus and how to talk to Jesus.

He showed me how to love my wife Jenny, by how he loved my grama faithfully for over 65 years.

He showed me how to have joy and unwavering faith in all circumstances. He was never wealthy, but always content.  As he lost his health, is joy never faded and his faith never waned. He was the very definition of integrity until his final breath.

He showed me that the truest essence of manliness is found in the blend of strength and tenderness, passion and sacrifice.

He had the ability to give full attention to the ramblings of my little girls, with a genuine interest in what mattered to them.

He showed how to have grace in the midst of pain.

He showed how to have patience in pursuit of eternity.

He showed how a disciplined life is more valuable then the adulation of man.

He showed how faithfulness looks in every season of life.

He was a man after Gods own heart.

If you knew him, you loved him… and he loved you.

At his funeral, I watched through blurry tear filled eyes, as countless men of all ages were moved to deep emotions at his funeral. He lived over 91 years, and spent every moment investing in an loving those around him.

As we said goodbye, it was amazing to see the impact he had on every generation.  Young men expressed their desire to be like him and told stories of how they knew he loved them.  Middle aged men hid their faces as the casket was taken away, attempting to hide the emotion and tears that overtook them. Older men described the generational legacy he instilled in them.

He is my hero… Saying goodbye was one of the hardest moments of my life… but I am forever grateful for the imprint he has left on my life.

His passing has caused me to rethink and reorient the focus of my life.  Loving God and deeply investing in people are the only things that truly matter. I want to be just like my grampa!

Ross Mcintee

2 thoughts on “The Man Who Taught Me… That Only 2 Things Matter!

  1. This is a lovely tribute to your grandfather. I’m praying that we all have people like him in our lives and that we, in turn, become a person like that to others.

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