If a plant stops growing, it is dying.  For a plant to continue to grow it needs a regular diet of sunshine, water, and nutrients from the soil.  Remove any of these essential resources, and the plant will begin to die!

If you and I stop growing we are dying.

Not sure about you, but I certainly don’t want to be dying.  I want to be continually growing.  How are you doing at ensuring you have a steady diet of the things that cause you to be growing and not dying? Here is a list of 5 ways to never stop growing!

5 Ways to Never Stop Growing:

  • Read – Never stop reading challenging books
  • Learn – Never stop learning new things
  • Connect – Never stop connecting with others who are growing
  • Receive – Never stop seeking feedback and receiving it with grace
  • Share – Never stop sharing what you learn with others!

How can you reorient your daily schedule to ensure you never stop growing?

Screen Shot 2017-03-17 at 11.05.44 AM


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