Have you ever looked another person and thought to yourself, “Man, I would love to have that kind of influence!” All too often when we consider the success of others, we fail to realize their success was forged through a series of life long factors that can’t easily be replicated.

Over the past few years I have thought, read and talked a lot about the topic of influence. While considering the highly influential people in my life as well as those I have read about, a very clear and distinct trend has emerged. There are The ONly3 Ways to Increase YourInfluenceessentially only three ways to develop influence.

The 3 Factors that Develop Your Influence

Every single person in this world is shaped by these three factors.  Influential people have learned how to strategically hone and cultivate each of these factors in their own lives to produce the person they have become.
We all have a past that can not be changed. And yet our history has shaped who we are in undeniable ways.  While we can’t go back and change our experiences, conversations and reading habits, we do have the ability to change how we engage these factors moving forward. If we can learn to do so with deliberate and focused attention, it can have an atmospheric impact on our development moving forward.

If you are a person interested in increasing your influence, this should get you really excited. You can craft a roadmap for future personal development with just a little bit of reflection and a commitment to following the plan you develop for yourself.

Over the next few posts we will explore simple ways to engage each factor, and how we can ultimately chose to become the kind of person each of us desire to be.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this framework for personal development and influence.  Am I missing anything?  Leave a comment below, or shoot me an email at jagianotti@yahoo.com.



One thought on “The Only 3 Ways to Increase Your Influence!

  1. Staying active in Community I suppose falls under the Curate section. I’m learning and growing so much since I’ve become for involved at our Life Center Pastor Jason
    This part of of serving and becoming closer to God and our purpose is CRUCIAL
    This is a fantastic idea your doing. As is everything you offer Be Blessed

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