For family day this week, the Gianotti crew piled into our Honda Pilot and drove 45 minutes across town, through a swirling white snow storm to Kettle Ridge Farm.  It was our first time visiting their annual Maple Weekend.  

We had a blast. We tasted different types of syrups, ate a tower of fluffy pancakes and toured the sugar shack where maple syrup magic happens. We went on a hike through the forest of maple trees and warmed ourselves by a roaring campfire. 

While the maple related activities were really fun, that wasn’t the most impressive part of the experience. Everywhere we went we were greeted by really happy people, who seemed genuinely interested in ensuring we were having a great time. Several of the workers took time to get down on eye level and talk with Emma and Ruby, my two little girls.  Virtually everyone looked us in the eyes, greeted us with enthusiasm and told us they were glad we had come to visit.  As we moved on from each activity, we were thanked again, and invited to come back for another visit in the future.
We felt like honored guests the entire time.

As we got in in our SUV to drive home, my wife Jenny and I looked at each other and almost simultaneously said, “we are going to come back!”

In the September they have a festival celebrating autumn.  We have already checked our calendars and plan to visit Kettle Ridge in 6 months.

The way we make others feel, has far more impact and influence than the activities or experieinces we offer.  Whether we run a business, work in a school, serve in a ministry at church or run a nonprofit agency… we can all learn from the Kettle Ridge Farm. The way people treat people matters more than just about everything else.

How can you be more like the people at Kettle Ridge? What would the result be?

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