Kids learn to say “no” very early in life.  My two young girls have mastered the use of this word!

As we get older however, it seems many of us lose touch with this critically useful word. When asked to do things by friends, family and colleagues, we tend to say “yes” before considering the ramifications that will ensue.  Perhaps we don’t want to disappoint, or we feel guilty if we say “no.”  Whatever the reasons, saying “yes” too often can leave us feeling overwhelmed and ineffective in accomplishing what is really important to us.

The Fast Company magazine website recently posted an outstanding article detailing simple ways to say “no” to requests that might otherwise take our focus off of our priorities (Check out the original article here). The author suggested 5 strategies that we can employ today, that will help us gain the courage to say “no” when we need to!

5 Great Ways to Say No:

  1. Make a “Stop-Doing List”
  2. Write Tomorrow’s To-Do List Tonight
  3. Switch to Batching Your Email Time
  4. Teach People to Expect You Will Say “No”
  5. Swap “I Can’t Do That” with “I Don’t Do That”
Photo: Andy TooTell (Courtesy: Unsplash)

Check out the full article for an explanation for each of these tips.

Just imagine what we could accomplish if we learn to say “no” to good things, so we can say “yes” to great things.

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