You can do anything for 60 seconds!!!”

A few months ago, several of my co-workers and I, decided we needed to get in better shape. So we joined a crossfit gym and hired a trainer. Our trainer is a sinewy, machine of a guy named Vinny. He is one of the owners of the Ruckhouse Crossfit gym in Rochester, New York. Two days a week, we wake long before dawn, drive to Ruckhouse and allow Vinny to push us to our physical limit.

We rotate through various stations and exercises, never staying on one movement for more than a couple minutes.  Each session is 45 minutes of continual movement, muscle exhaustion and profuse perspiration. Typically, I discover new muscles, I did not know I had and then deal with those same “new” muscles causing pain for the subsequent days.

Somewhere near the end of each of these sessions, Vinny begins to yell exhortations along the lines of, “The harder you work, the more you will get out of this”, and “You need to give it just a little bit more.” However, my personal favorite entreaty of Vinny’s is, “You can do anything for 60 seconds!” He yells this over and over, as our bodies begin to give way, to challenge us to give it an extra push at the last few stations. Some how, each time he says this, I muster just a bit more willpower to push through.

I have come to believe this is true in all areas of life.  Regardless of how big the challenge or ominous a task we might face, we can do anything for 60 seconds.  At the end of 60 seconds, we can inevitably push on for another 60 seconds.  Whether it is a crucial conversation, a laborious spreadsheet or a terrifying presentation, we can do anything if we segment our efforts into 60 second bursts of intentionality.  Breaking things up into smaller, manageable parts makes things easier.

If only we all had Vinny challenging us throughout each day as we seek to tackle professional challenges, family issues and interpersonal obstacles that face us.

Through Vinny’s admonition, I am getting stronger and more healthy each and every time I accept his 60 second challenge.

If we will do whatever it takes, for 60 seconds… and then do that again, we will definitely be One Grip Higher.

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