Influence is owned by those who make action their default response.
Dante Alighieri once said, “The secret of getting things done is to act!

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I work with some incredible people at The Father’s House church in Rochester, New York. These leaders and volunteers are visionary, hardworking and passionate about the mission we are striving to accomplish together. We have been working for several months on a critical project that will slingshot us into the next season of growth and impact.  After months of preparation, we are gathering with a couple thousand people over the course of 3 evenings this week.  At each of these meetings we are inviting people to sign up to engage and invest themselves more deeply in the mission of the church.  The response was incredible.  Literally hundreds of people responded that they wanted to be tangibly involved in the effort we were undertaking.

After the first night we celebrated the fact that so many people expressed a desire to be involved.  Months of work was paying off. We had hundreds of sign up cards in the office, and there was much talk and strategizing about what we should do with these precious cards, which represent hundreds of people.  It was determined that the cards needed to be put into our database system and then each person needed to be called.

After a few minutes of people looking at each other, a good friend of mine, Bruce Smith, picked up the cards and said, “I’ll put them in the database.”

This might not sound significant, however, Bruce happens to be one of the Executive Pastors at the church.  He could have assigned the task to any number of people and it  would have been done. But Bruce is a man of action.  He has led and built organizations all over the country. Action is his default response.

Bill Hybels refers to this leadership tendency as the “Bias for Action.”  In his book Axiom, an entire chapter is devoted to the fact that great leaders must possess a bias for action if they want reach they full potential and have maximum influence.

When action is required, many people wait to see what others will do.  Great leaders consider what needs to be done and once the action is clear, they take it without hesitation.

If you want to get One Grip Higher today… make action your default response the next time something needs to be done!



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