Max Levchin, co-founder of PayPal and a range other big time Silicon Valley juggernauts, has a simple yet powerful life philosophy. Hard. Valuable. Fun. His genius and success have been built on an unrelenting commitment to only work on projects that meet these three criteria. A recent article by Fast Company Magazine offers a fascinating glimpse into Levchin world and mind.It is well worth the read.

Committing to projects, jobs and tasks that are hard, ensures that your work ethic continues to grow.  If we only tackle easy, manageable tasks, we will never gain the capacity and resilience to accomplish anything that matters.  When investing in potential start up companies, Levchin seems more interested in the level of challenge the company is tackling rather then the propensity for success.

Focusing on work that is valuable is a no brainer.  Personal fulfillment can never come from dedicating ones life, or even a portion of a life, to something absent of value to society. Likewise, choosing a working environment that is fun makes enduring the challenges of hard and valuable work energizing and worth putting in the extra hours necessary to make a difference in this world.  One must ask why more people aren’t committed to engaging only in work of this nature.

If we are uncompromising in the pursuit of a life dedicated to work that is hard, valuable and fun, we are assured of making a difference.  We will also be assured of personal fulfillment in whatever we do and we will be One Grip Higher!

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