A friend of mine was recently assigned a leadership coach. Over several months, the coach invested essentially no time in getting to know him.  Aside from the occasional text or email, there was apparently no attempt to develop a meaningful relationship.  One day the coach showed up at a meeting led by my friend. Afterwards the coach offered well intended feedback and what must have been assumed to be constructive critique of his leadership.  He summarized the experience by saying “It really doesn’t matter what the coach thought, I don’t have a relationship with him and therefore don’t really respect his input.”

My buddy went on to say he is committed to growing as a leader and wants to learn, but that this persons relational indifference made the feedback less than credible.

Relationship is the currency of influence… without relationship we have no influence.

Taking time to build strong relationships… takes time! High capacity, driven people often want influence without taking the necessary time to build the required foundation of deep, caring and meaningful relationships. However, failure to establish strong relationships ultimately will lead to a collapse of any influence a position, proximity or title might afford.

If you want to get One Grip Higher, take time to build authentic and genuine relationships with the people you lead.


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