Would you rather be humble or right?” I would never have thought to place these to values in such a juxtaposition.  Most of us want to be both… but if I am honest, I invariably prioritize being right above humility.

Recently Alan Platt visited my church and posed this question. There are times that humility and proving that your perspective is the right one, come into conflict with one another.  Platt challenged us to consider which of these two allow us to be most influential in the lives of those around us?

If we are seeking to live lives that are influential, we may need to pause when humility and being right, collide. This is not to suggest that we should pursue being wrong… that would be far from excellence. Rather, in our pursuit excellence, we must have the ability to prioritize humility.

One of my mentors, Chris Sloane, often quoted her mother as saying, “You attract more flies with honey.”  Humility it the “honey” that attracts others to us.  It is only when we prioritize humility that we are worth listening to.  It is only when people listen to us that being right matters. If we get this out of order, we have no influence and being right is irrelevant.

Humility comes before honor.” Proverbs 15:33

Prioritizing humility today will ensure that we get One Grip Higher!

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