If you want to get one grip higher today, become a better listener. So, how do you get better at listening? Try asking better questions. Here are a list of great questions that will ensure your conversations elevate. These questions come from one of my favorite authors, Gordon MacDonald.

  • Tell me what it takes to do a job like yours with excellence.
  • What are the great challenges a person faces?
  • Where do you confront ethical and moral questions?
  • What is there about this sort of task that brings on fatigue or discouragement?
  • Do you ever ask yourself about the ways God is present in this job?
  • Tell me your life story in four minutes and don’t leave anyone important out.
  • Define each decade of your life with one word.

Try asking questions like these and I am certain you will find yourself listening more intently to what your friends and acquaintances have to say.


One thought on “One Grip Higher: Become a Better Listener

  1. Thanks Son. I’m going to use those questions.

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