If you want to get One Grip Higher you need to decide what kind of Husky you will be!

Last summer my wife and I travel to Alaska. While we were there, we saw a number of Huskies. As it was summer we didn’t get to see them thriving in the snow or pulling sleds. However, we did get to see a lot of videos of what those dogs did during the winter season. Huskies were born to be sled dogs and under the direction of a good owner who knew what he is doing, these dogs can pull long, hard and straight for hours. A good sled dog owner can get his dogs to do whatever he wants. He can get them to push for hours upon end. He can get them to turn left when he says left and turn right when he says right. He can get them to go faster when he says too, and get them to stop on a dime. These dogs listen to every word given by their master.

About a year ago, shortly after our trip to Alaska we decided to purchase a husky. We brought Yukon home about a year ago. He was just a puppy, full of energy life and excitement. He is just a little bit wild and he fits right in at our house.

About 2 to 3 months old, I began to take him for short runs in the park across the road from our neighborhood. These runs became longer and more exciting we run through the forested trails. Yukon can barely contain himself. When we hit the trails he runs with such wild abandon that he finds himself yanking against the leash pulling wildly from left to right and often times getting himself twisted around because he’s so excited and can’t control the adrenaline.

People are often times just like huskies. We are often full of new ideas excitement and energy. However without vision we can run wild and crazy wasting energy and not accomplishing a whole lot.

We have to decide whether we are going to submit to good leadership, listen to wise voices and follow clear directions as we pursue our goals and dreams.

Unfortunately, many of us lack the discipline, determination and desire to focus in on a goal or vision. Without a specific goal or vision that guides us, like the Huskies following their master in Alaska, we are bound to find ourselves pulling wildly against the leash in many different directions. Most unrealized goals and dreams are not a result of an inability to achieve them but rather our inability to control, guide and direct ourselves to a particular vision.

So, what do you want to accomplish in life? What are your goals dreams and visions? Do you have in place a structure that will get you there? Are you listening to wise voices guiding you down the trails of your life?

What kind of Husky are you? Are you listening to the master’s voice running hard in a direction advised by a good mentor? Or are you running wildly, pulling every which way against your leash? If you can figure out the answer to this question you will be One Grip Higher!


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