If you want to get One Grip Higher, act like a grandparent.

This week I was in Niagara Falls for a conference. My grandparents live in the next town over, so I called them up and asked if I could take them out to dinner. They were excited that I was in town and said they would love to spend the time together. We talked for about 2 hours over dinner and another hour or so back at their condo. I asked how they were doing and learned the latest news about their life, church, medical situation and much more.

The amazing thing however, was the fact that they never wanted to talk very long about themselves. They would answer each question I asked, and within a sentence or two, turn the conversation around to asking about my life. The asked detailed, specific questions about my work, the conference, my wife and daughter and just about everything else that is going on in my life. They were very uninterested in talking about themselves.

They asked me to explain Facebook, Twitter and much more. They don’t care about Social Media, but they showed interest, because they care about me. They wanted to try out the Photobooth app on my iPad (check out the pictures below). We had a wonderful time together

My grandparents are loved by everyone that knows them. Their church community adores them, their neighbors respect them and their family members want to spend time with them. All because they show genuine care and interest in those around them. They constantly deflect the conversation away from themselves and make it about others.

Do you want to be adored, respected and desired? If so be more like my grandparents:
1. Love Everyone – Demonstrate really love and care for those around you.
2. Give Undivided Attention – lose the phone & be present with whoever you are with right now.
3. Deflect Conversation – make it about those around you and not yourself.
4. Ask Questions – ask about the stuff others like, not just what you like.
5. Change Your Plans – be flexible to adjust to other people’s schedules and timetables.
6. Try Something New – don’t just ask about what others are interested in, actually try it out.

If you become more like a grandparent, you will find yourself One Grip Higher.



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