Reflecting on these seven questions from @WayneHulley is well worth the time:

1. Do I want to be right or kind?

2. Will it matter a year from now? 100 years from now?

3. If I had an extra hour a day what would I do with it? (Well, get up an hour earlier then!)

4. Is life an emergency.

5. When someone throws you a ball, do you have to catch it?

6. When I die, who will care?

7. Do I wrap my life around another’s weakness?



2 thoughts on “Seven Grips Higher: Seven Questions for Reflection

  1. Hi Jason,
    Thanks for the posting. I think that asking ourselves questions causes reflection and a slowing down of our lives. I am pleased that you see it as important. It always makes me feel great when someone appreciates what I do. Have a great holiday.
    Wayne Hulley

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