If you want to get One Grip Higher… show your face! Show it often, and show it everywhere.

If you have been reading this blog for a while, you know that I recently took a one month hiatus from blogging, as I started a new job.  My new position as the principal of Greece Athena High School in Rochester New York is dynamic and exciting.  I have a phenomenal staff and love going to work every day. Confucius once said “If you pick a career you enjoy, you will never work a day in your life.” While that particular aphorism might be hyperbole, I truly love waking up each morning and driving to school.

My new job has a fairly political slant and requires a lot of attending social functions and after hours events.  Although I spent time in Washington DC, and even worked on a presidential campaign about 12 years ago, I am the furthest thing from a politician. I love my new job, but am not by nature a person who is comfortable with the political side of life.

All that being said, I have found that showing up at as many functions as possible, pays huge dividends.  Everyday after work I look for a sporting event, club meeting or student function I can stop by.  It really doesn’t take much extra time, but at the end of each day I am exhausted and ready to get home to my beautiful wife Jenny and our 4 month old baby girl, Emma. However, I make a concerted effort to to get out to an event or function as often as possible. Once at these events I look to connect with a person, parent or student that I have not met or talked to before.  I am not great a networking… but am quickly learning that it truly does have tremendous value.  These relationships and interactions are paying off in three areas:

  1. People are beginning to trust me
  2. Subsequent interactions are going more smoothly
  3. I am loving the newfound friendships.
This new found commitment to relationship building and networking is proving to be a win-win for everyone.  I am loving my job and the people I interact with more and more… and from what I am hearing, they are appreciating my interest in them and their families beyond the school day!
So what areas in your life could do with a little more relationship building and politicing?
Figure the answer to that question out and you will be One Grip Higher!

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