If you want to get One Grip Higher … don’t play Jenga!

Everybody has played Jenga at least once.  This game, with a stack of 54 wooden, rectangular blocks was invented in the 1970’s and essential requires players to remove blocks one at a time until the whole structure collapses.

In a meeting with co-workers today, someone commented that the situation we were discussing was a bit like Jenga… the more blocks you take away the more likely a catastrophic collapse.

Jenga is a fun game, because you walk a fine line between the precarious and the disastrous.  If you are like me, you probably get a bit of an excited high from pulling a block and watching the remaining structure teeter.

Some people do this exact same thing in real life.  Some people get a rush out of tinkering with the blocks of life/work/relationships and watching everything teeter.  Some people are really good at walking the balance between out-of-control-busy and uber productive… I tend to walk this line a little too closely.

Here is the deal… there are only so many blocks you can pull out of life/work/relationships before your life (and the lives of those around you) teeters one too many times. Why do you think so many so called “successful” people have jacked up personal lives?  They played Jenga with family, friends and their sanity.

IF you want to get One Grip Higher, quit playing Jenga with your life!

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