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Overview: This book is far more than just a book. Each chapter contains numerous interactive activities that make the book a sort of personalized learning journey. I found that as I completed these short simple activities, the truths and learning became more poignant. There are also great chapter summaries, videos, surveys, tests and other resources available on the authors website at… passwords at the end of each chapter if you buy the book that will provide access to the correlating online resources.

Disclosure: Let me begin by saying that Kevin Kruse contacted me and asked if I would read this book.  He indicated that he felt it would align well with the vision of One Grip Higher.  He sent the book to me to read it over.  I was skeptical at first, thinking he was simply trying to get marketing for his book.  As I read the book and have corresponded with Kevin, I have increasingly become a fan of his work and truly admire the message he and Rudy are trying to spread.  This is a must read book for anyone looking to increase their influence, effectiveness and integrity. What could be a better fit with the vision of One Grip Higher than that! I hope you enjoy this summary and that you consider buying a copy of the book and studying it in depth.  I certainly am many grips higher, and you will be as well.

Premise of Book: “There is nothing more important for a person or organization than full engagement.”

Sample of the Book Review (click here to read the full review):

The average person ranks “worker/employee” as the fifth most important role in their life… This is very interesting and useful information when it comes to understanding the machinations of full engagement at work… The other areas of life must be healthy and nurtured if full engagement at work is to be achieved. The authors present research and anecdotes to support the following:

Areas of Life Impacted by Engagement at Work:

  • Quality of our marriages – People who love their job have better marriages
  • Effectiveness of our parenting – people who love their job are better parents
  • Personal health – people who love their job have better health (heart, weight, cholesterol)
  • Life satisfaction – people who love their job have higher satisfaction in life
Final Summary:  This is a must buy, must read, must reread, must share book.  Period.

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