If you want to get One Grip Higher follow your money trail!

Americans spend tons on credit to cover small purchases made years ago.  Health care and obesity issues follow these same trends. Heck, even our government with all its bailouts and bickering hasn’t figured out how operate in a sustainable way.  You can’t spend more than you have! Life doesn’t work that way.

An old biblical proverb reminds us that “where you money is, there will your heart be also…

Where is the money?

  • The American consumer’s heart is in debt
  • The Government’s heart is… well, I’m not sure it has a heart! No one seems to be able to find it!
Now lets personalize it… where is your money?  What does it tell you about your heart?  We all say we care about the victims or tsunami’s earthquakes flood and hurricanes. We all like to hear about Bono and the work being done with aids orphans in Africa.  We all claim to get angry about sex trafficking in South East Asia.
Follow the money!
What does your spending say about your heart?  “Where your money is, there will your heart be also!”
Spend some time following your money… figure out where your heart is! If you like what you find, great.  If you don’t… adjust!
If you make even a small adjustment, you will find your self One Grip Higher.

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