If you want to get One Grip Higher do a heart check!

A Night of Fun with My Guys!

I meet with a group of young guys from my church every Tuesday during the summer for mentoring, fun, rock climbing in my garage/cave and reading the Bible together.  It truly is one of the highlights of my week.  These guys, ranging from 13 to 33, are so full of life and energy.  They are hungry to learn and grow.  They love wrestling on the pole vault mat in the garage and throwing freeze pops at each other on the deck. I am constantly learning from these guys about what it means to live and love life!

Yesterday, Jesse Snell, one of the youngest members of our group said something that had so much insight and wisdom I found myself One Grip Higher and figured I should share it here.  Jesse said, “Your heart determines how you hear the message…” That is deep stuff right there for a young teenager to be thinking about and sharing.  It is so true.

If your heart isn’t prepared to hear something, it doesn’t matter how great the message is, you simply won’t hear it.  So I have a question for you… are there any messages you are missing because your heart isn’t ready to hear them?

Do a heart check and you will be One Grip Higher!

One thought on “One Grip Higher: Do a Heart Check

  1. wow.. such an incredible truth.

    I’ve found that as I attend worship experiences, if my heart is not in the right place I find myself being judgmental and critical, rather than humble and seeking truth. Also on the opposite side, when we receive criticism and complaints we have to ask if it is coming from a sincere and loving heart, or one that is in the wrong place.

    nice thought jesse!!

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