Visiting Daddy's New Office

Well, alot has happened since my last post.  I should probably apologize for not updating you on my life earlier.  I still haven’t figured out how to type and my daddy has been a bit busy with his new job.  He is the principal of Greece Athena High School.  Even though this means he will be more busy, he still makes time for me whenever I ask.  All I have to do is scream and he or mommy come running.  I have them trained pretty well.

A couple weeks ago, mommy took me to visit daddy in his new office.  I like his office… I was able to fall asleep there really quickly, and daddy was able to keep on working.  He probably won’t tell you, but even though he gets focused at work, he spends a lot of time day dreaming about me. Each morning before daddy leaves for work he sneaks into my bedroom and watches me sleep.  He thinks I don’t know this… but actually I am not asleep, I am just resting my eyes.  I can tell he is there, and I like that he watches over me. I miss him when he is at work, but he is able to leave earlier than usual because it is the summer and there aren’t students in the school until September.

Sweet Shades from Jackie!

Daddy works with a whole bunch of new people! They are all really nice and they like to smile at me and say how cute I look.  One of the people there is Jackie.  She is really nice.  She bought me sweet shades because it is summer and the sun is really bright on my little eyes.  I think they really enhance my cool factor.

A few weeks ago I went to Genesis Pediatrics for what I thought would be a routine check up, like all the other times.  I like it there.  Usually mommy takes me when daddy is at work.  The people are super friendly and the walls are full of colorful murals and pictures.  We got into the private waiting room in the back of the clinic and the nurses and doctor checked me out, like normal.   Then, the scariest thing happened.  Two people, who up until that point seemed very nice and friendly, pulled out this long swords and stuck them into me.  I screamed… what else could I do with strange people stabbing weapons as long as my arms into my body.  Finally after what seemed like an eternity (mommy says it was only a couple seconds), mommy pushed these mean people away and held me close.  I knew everything would be already, because mommy always takes care of me.

My crazy hair after mom blow dried it

I love the way mommy takes care of me and protects me.  If you haven’t noticed, I have really long dark hair. Mommy loves to give me baths and wash my hair.  I really like it too… the other day, mommy thought it would be fun to blow dry my hair and see what would happen.  Well, I must say, I looked pretty funny.  Mommy sent daddy pictures at work and everyone thought they looked really funny.  Daddy said I had the sweetest white girl afro ever.  I have to agree. Mommy always takes the time to make sure I look good by dressing my up in cute dresses and nice outfits.  She also sometimes puts bows and hairbands in my hair, they usually fall out, but I look so darn cute with them in. Daddy says I am the cutest baby he has ever seen… he is a little biased though.

My grandparents can’t get enough of me… Grama Kirk comes down from Canada every week for a day or two. Grama and Grampa G come over often.  They argue over who I love the best and whose name I will say first.  I like being fawned over.  Its fun.

Next week I will be going on my first vacation.  It has been busy life so far and I really do think I deserve a break. Mommy and daddy are taking me to the Algonquin and Muskoka region of northern Ontario.  It is going to be so much fun.  I will write my next blog posting when I get back.  Hope you are all doing well.  Come for a visit soon.

Hanging with my new BFF Olivia
Having Fun with Mommy!
Hanging with Daddy!

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