If you want to get One Grip Higher… attend Twitter University.

When I first heard about Twitter I thought is was stupid. I was so short sighted. All I saw was another invention that fostered the American propensity toward self aggrandization. Ashton Kutcher tweeting about his hair and countless other people engaging in what initially seemed to be trivial and meaningless blurbs…

It all changed for me when my friend @lukethomas pointed out that Twitter could be leveraged as the ultimate learning tool. Free professional development. Follow people who challenge and inspire you to be better. I asked him to show me how he used it…. And now I am hooked.

Like any form of technology or media, it can be used for entertainment of productivity. So here are a few simple ways I leverage Twitter to get One Grip Higher. It is by no means exhaustive, you probably have many ideas that I missed (leave them in a comment below).

  • Follow more people than follow you.
  • Twitter is not about who follows you, but what you can learn from who you follow.
  • Use HootSuite (if you have an iPad… It is awesome) it lets you sort and see multiple lists on one screen. This means you can control when you see pictures of your buddy picking his nose and when you can focus on learning and growing.
  • Sort your Twitter feed into lists based on the types of people you follow (friends, coworkers, professional development, authors, etc…)
  • Follow people you want to be like
  • Follow the people who follow the people you want to be like
  • Follow the people who the people you want to be like follow
  • Follow people who are retweeted by people you want to be like
  • Search your industry and interest related hashtags regularly
  • Include twitter learning sessions in your work meetings
  • Retweet often
  • Mention people as often as possible
  • Unfollow anyone who tweets more than 5 times a day on a regular basis (unless it is your boss or a really close friend).
  • If you read a good book, follow the author on Twitter

I am by no means a Twitter expert.  But I have learned a lot over the past year from people I would never get to learn from otherwise. As I continue to learn about the power of Twitter, I am finding that I am One Grip Higher!

2 thoughts on “One Grip Higher: The University of Twitter

  1. Save tweets you want to share with others. I keep a folder on my desktop and paste in URL and a little information. Consider a business and personal account? What do you think?

  2. Jane, that is an excellent suggestion. I think I will start a similar folder. I know that you can mark certain tweets as favorites as well. This is another way to organize and keep track of the tweets that are worth sharing.

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