If you want to get One Grip Higher take of the stickers!

Monday, I walked into work on cloud nine.  My beautiful baby had just slept 4 straight hours (new record) the night before and I was feeling rested.  I was excited to be at work and my first few meetings were going really well.  About 11 am, someone commented that they liked my pants.  I expressed my gratitude, and mentioned that they were new and in fact it was the first time I had worn them.  The person responded with, “I know!” and a slight roll of the eyes.  Their was an awkward pause, and then it was pointed out the the “34×34” sticker was still on the pant leg.  This was not a small little sticker.  This was a long blue sticker that was in stark contrast to the greyish color of the pants.  Why did it take until my third meeting for someone to point this out? Humbled.

I learned a few lessons from that experience.

  1. Mirror Check: Check yourself in the mirror every day regardless of how good you feel.
  2. Honest Friends: Make sure you have people in your life who will tell you when you left the sticker on your pants, have food in your teeth or let your zipper fall down.
  3. Do It Right Away: Take the stickers off at the store.
  4. Communication Barrier: No one hears what you say if your have a stupid sticker on your pants.
I once sat through a seminar at a national conference, with a nationally renowned speaker, whose zipper had fallen.  In and of itself, not a huge issue… but he kept sitting on a table trying to be casual and this separated the two sides of the zipper on his black suit pants to reveal glimpses of his bright white shirt. I bet he had great stuff to say… but I wasn’t hearing it.  Nobody was hearing what he had to say. Mirror check. Enough said!

Action Step: Mirror check every day.  Mirror check regularly throughout the day. Period.

People won’t hear your message if there is stupid stuff distracting them.  No detail about your appearance is to small to be concerned and aware of the impact.  Remove your stickers, zip your zippers and you will be One Grip Higher.

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