Wow… this world is a pretty cool place.  There is a lot to see and do.  So far I’ve spent a lot of time being held by all kinds of wonderful people.  They all get really close to my face and make funny sounds while they hold me!  Most of them talk about how much hair I have, or how cute I am!  I think they all look funny because they make silly faces… I try to tell them they look funny, but they don’t seem to understand all of my words.  I guess that is okay, since I have no clue what they keep blabbering on about.

A lot has happened since my last post.  I came home from the hospital after a 3 day stint there and mommy and daddy showed my my room which is awesome.  It is full of monkeys and other fun stuff.  They must really love me, since it is clearly the nicest room in the house.  I am the only person in this house to have a room of my own, I feel special.  My parents seem to spend a lot of time in the room.  Sometimes I pretend to sleep… I squint my eyes, and I watch them, watching me.  It is fun.  Sometimes I imagine going into their room and watching them sleep.  I haven’t been able to figure out how to get out of my crib yet, or I would try it.

Things work pretty smoothly around the house.  Basically, if I want food, I cry and I get food.  If I want to have my diaper changed, I cry and they change it.  If I want to be held, I cry and they hold me.  They are learning my words pretty quick I guess. When I want to go play on daddy’s climbing wall I cry, and then my parents try to give me food or hold me or peak in my diapers.  They haven’t figured that one out yet.  They still have a lot to learn.

I visited Dr. Harris today for my 2 week check up. I have been gaining weight.  I am up to 8 pounds and 11 ounces.  Everyone seemed very excited about that.  I’m not sure why they were surprised… all I do is eat, sleep, and eat some more!

Every morning I wake up, have breakfast and then go to sleep on mommy.  I love how she feels.  This is my favorite thing to do for the entire day.  My next favorite thing to do is sleep on daddy’s chest.  Every day when daddy comes home, he kisses mommy and then picks me up, takes me to the deck and we snuggle for at least an hour.  I love my daddy. Tonight they left me with Auntie Shannon to go out for their date night.  Not sure why I wasn’t invited?

Khamba, this big black and white creature is afraid of me. Yukon the big, white and grey creature seems quite interested in me, but daddy only lets him sniff me once in a while and only for a few seconds.  Something tells me we will be great friends some day.

Well, I am getting hungry. so I am going to finish up for now and start crying so someone will give me dinner… bye for now!

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