Hello World!

The past several months have been a bit cramped, but it always felt safe and secure. Yesterday afternoon I had a very traumatic experience.

I love mommy, daddy and monkeys!

At 3:56pm yesterday things got really bright and after feeling squished for so long I felt free and alive. A bunch of strange people grabbed me and poked me for a while… Finally they gave me back to my mommy, who after lots of effort to help me get here, was really tired, but more beautiful then I expected. My daddy was here to greet me as well! He probably won’t tell you, but he was crying when we first met. He really loves me… He holds me every chance he gets. When he isn’t holding me, he is tweeting about me, and posting pictures on Facebook and Instagram. My gramas were both here as well. I can tell I’m really going to like both of them. They are spoiling me with kisses. I am very loved.

If you can't tell, my daddy really loves me!

The doctors and nurses have been really nice to me. They keep me warm and snuggly swaddled. I let them know I am thankful by snorting softly… I think they understand me. They say I weigh 7lbs & 15oz and that I am 20.5 inches long. My fingers are long, Grama says I will play the piano; daddy says I will be a good rock climber.

In the past 20 hours of my life I have learned a lot. I love to be held. I also love laying with mommy and kissing daddy’s nose. I have also been teaching my parents a lot as well. I’m helping them learn how to feed me and how to hold me. I am helping them learn how to swaddle me and how to keep me clean. They are figuring this stuff out slowly but I think they will get the hang of it eventually.

I’ve had some really cool visitors. I met Emme Thomas earlier today. We are going to be best friends. Daddy told me I will soon get to meet my other best friend Olivia D’Ambrosio. I can’t wait to get to know her as well.

FaceTime with Grampa, with my Great Grand Parents

Daddy has been teaching me how to use his technology… I know how to FaceTime now and that is how I met Grampa G and Auntie Shannon who are in Chicago at a conference. They seem pretty cool. Am getting pretty good with daddy’s iPad and love his iPhone. I guess I am pretty much a Mac girl.

Well, I am getting hungry, so I am going to bring this post to an end… If daddy lets me, I am looking forward to more chances to be a guest writer on his blog. I have a lot to share about life and this world. I am learning so much.

Bye for now.

One thought on “Guest Blog Post: By Emma Gianotti

  1. This was so sweet 🙂 Emma, you are one lucky little girl to have such incredible parents. Welcome to the world! I hope you and Norah are great friends!

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