If you want to get One Grip Higher today, approach life like a video game!

Earlier tonight, I was at a friends house and while we were discussion life, two young boys were engrossed in a game of Pokemon on their Nintendo DS game systems.  At one point I heard them debating which character had the best strength to attack a particular weakness of another character. They were discussing, analyzing and debating using facts they had learned from prior attempts, failures, successes and experiences.

We can learn a lot about life, trials, struggles and challenges from the video game industry! We often fail at something and quit.  I know, that I can tend to feel like I’m no good following a failure.  These two boys didn’t view life that way.  They were learning from, analyzing and discussing their failures… They were coming up with collaborative ways to share their knowledge! And they weren’t pouting and claiming to suck.  They were invigorated, engaged, enthused… they were determined to get One Grip Higher.

I play Angry Birds! I seldom beat a level the first time I play it.  I don’t quit when that happens. Do you?

Action Step for Today: Play a video game for 10 minutes.  Then stop and write down at least three lessons you learned about overcoming an obstacle.  You will be surprised how much this will relate to real life.

Here are six lessons from my eavesdropping on the Pokemon game:

  1. There is a strength that will overcome every weakness
  2. The answer is not obvious
  3. Some challenges can not be overcome alone
  4. Failure is not the end of the situation
  5. Success is often the result of multiple failed attempts
  6. Part of the fun is figuring out the solution
Seriously, play a video game tonight… if you don’t play games go to the Mini Clip website.  But don’t just play the games… reflect on what you are actually doing and you will be One Grip Higher as you fight real challenges and overcome obstacles in your own life.

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