If you want to get One Grip Higher today, reflect on where you are on the Pathway to Integrity.

This is my second post from the Elders Shop Notes Leadership Conference from this past weekend. If you haven’t read the previous post on the Integrity Inventory check that one out first to figure out where you are on your journey towards becoming a person of integrity.

We all demand integrity in others, but many of us find that actually living out a life of integrity to be somewhat challenging. If you are like me, you want to be a person of integrity, but knowing exactly how to do that is a little foggy. Check out the following 5 action steps you can take to move down the Pathway to Integrity that Dr. Bill McRae shared during the conference.

The Pathway to Integrity:

  1. Embrace and learn from heroes who are people of integrity
  2. Establish biblical standards of integrity in your life
  3. Become consistently accountable to others in the area of integrity
  4. Honor character over giftedness and knowledge in yourself and others
  5. Walk in the energy and power of the Spirit as you pursue integrity
These 5 action steps can be implemented and applied in every aspect of your life and mine, from work, to family, to church, to friendships.
If you chose to apply any of these steps on the Pathway to Integrity to your life today, you will be One Grip Higher!
Stay tuned for a third post from this conference about the areas of vulnerability that leaders pursuing integrity face every day!

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