If you want to get One Grip Higher today… take the Integrity Inventory!

On this rainy spring afternoon, I am currently sitting in a church in my city, attending a leadership conference.  One of the speakers, Bill McRae, the  President Emeritus of Tyndale University College just said “Integrity is the most important characteristic a leader must have!” He also said that leaders who have integrity are uncompromised, predictable, reliable, wise and trustworthy.

I am willing to follow leaders who exemplify those characteristics.

I want to be a leader who exemplifies by those characteristics.

Mr. McRae offered the following integrity Inventory to help assess whether or not we are living lives characterized by integrity.  As you read these questions take the time to reflect on each one and honestly answer them.  I think you will find yourself challenged to get One Grip Higher.

Integrity Inventory:

  1. Am I more concerned about reputation or character?
  2. Is my treatment of others dependent on their status?
  3. Does what I teach with my life align perfectly with what I teach with my words?
  4. Do my private actions correlate 100% with my public life?
  5. Do I act the same way with my family as I do at work, church, school etc?
Action Step: Select one of the questions from the inventory above and make a commitment to act or live differently in the coming weeks. Leave a comment below about what you will do differently.  Or, write your commitment on a post-it note and put it on your dashboard.
Stay tuned to the next post for a “Pathway to Integrity” from Bill McCray.

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