If you want to get One Grip Higher you need to Build It and Ship It.

Today I read an article about the culture of the Facebook corporate office.  Apparently they beleive that one of their central missions is to build and ship.  Rather then spending endless hours and meetings strategizing, presenting, debating and pontificating… they take ideas… build on them… and ship them out to us, the Facebook Nation.  Most of the time we love it.  Sometimes we hate it. Like when we realize that they are sending or information to other companies. I hate that. But we go back to Facebook daily, because they continually build and ship.  Facebook gets stuff done.

We need to be more like Facebook.  We need to run with our ideas.  We need to build and ship.

Action Step: Pick one of the million or so ideas that have been floating around in your head… serious! Pick the first one that comes to mind.  Commit to yourself right now, that within 24 hours you will build and ship something connected to that idea.

For me, that means revisiting my school website and revamping the initial user interface.  Our site isn’t mobile friendly.  That isn’t acceptable.  Tomorrow I am going to work with my tech team to begin the process of building and shipping a mobile friendly website to me students and parents.

What are you going to build and ship in the next 24 hours? Do it, and you will be One Grip Higher!


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