If you want to get One Grip Higher today, approach life like Nora Ochs!

As I was driving with my beautiful wife to a weekend get away in Niagara Falls last week, we saw a “Pass It On” billboard that caught my attention. It read “Nola Ochs, 95” and “Oldest college grad.”

I am thoroughly impressed.  I wish I knew her.  I want to learn from Nola.  Nola gets it! Nola understands that learning, is not means to an end.  Learning is the end in itself. Learning is not stepping stones to future influence or advancement.  Learning is the end goal.

As humans we are wired to learn.  We are most fulfilled, energized and excited when we are learning. As a school administrator I see this in action every day.  Some classes I visit are alive and buzzing with excited anticipation, wonder, discourse, debate, dialogue and noise.  Others, have students with their heads nodding in quiet submission.  Which environment do you think evidences learning best? When we are learning we are most fully alive. I bet Nora agrees with me.

Action Step: When you are done reading this post, click this link (Wikipedia Main Page) and read the section titled, “Did you know…” This list of interesting facts refreshes on a regular basis and you will learn all kinds of really interesting things. For example, I just learned:

  • that as many as 6,400 human and animal illustrations, including have been recorded in Saudi Arabia’s southwest Najran area.

The reason this fact is interesting is that virtually all Arab art is calligraphy based, since the Koran forbids the drawing of living creatures. You might say that those facts are irrelevant… and maybe they are to you.  But who knows the people I will meet in the next week.  Maybe, I will meet someone from Saudi Arabia and this bit of knowledge will help bridge the cultural divide.  Think that is crazy? Last week I hung out with a delegation of business men from Iraq and I wish I had more knowledge about Iraqi culture (Check out video here).  It would have helped.

The more you know, the happier you are. The more you know, the more people will listen to you. Be like Nora. Learn something new everyday and you will be One Grip Higher.

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