If you want to get One Grip Higher today, try to be like Nike!

Yesterday I was in a Nike Factory Outlet store looking for a new pair of running shoes.  I have always loved the simplicity and the challenge of the Nike slogan, “Just Do It.”  While I was trying on shoes I came across a shirt with a new twist on the age old Nike slogan. “Just Do It. Then Do It Again.”

If it wasn’t a girls shirt, with a feminine combination of colors I would have bought it. People who are effective and influential are epitomized by this idea. People who are influential don’t talk a lot… the “Do” alot.  People who are effective understand that they have to stop making excuses and “Just Do It. Then Do It Again.

Doug Reeves, an award winning author and educational consultant suggests that what you do is less important then the depth with which you do it.  He calls this “deep implementation.” In what areas of your life are you pushing deep implementation? The problem is that we don’t like repetition.  We like new and different.  But effectiveness and influence is almost always birthed out of repetitive implementation of what works.

Practical Suggestion: Right now, think of one thing that you have done recently that was simple and effective… stop what you are doing and do it again. This might be reviving a to-do-list, writing a “thinking of you” card, emailing your boss an appreciation, re-reading a great book.

If something works, don’t just reflect on it… do it again and you will find yourself One Grip Higher!


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