If you want to get One Grip Higher today, consider starting a Read-Speak-Write-Repeat cycle in your life.

Sir Francis Bacon once said, “Reading makes a full man; speaking, a ready man, writing, an exact man.”

The first phrase of that quote offers insight regarding how to enlarge our capacity for influence. Without reading widely we limit our ability to understand and know the world in which we live.  Without reading a wide array of books, blogs, journals, research articles and literature, we can’t possibly be full enough to offer those around us insight worth considering. We need to allow our minds to be stretched like an athlete working his muscles.

Do Now Suggestion: Right now… pick up that book or article that you know you should read, but have been putting it off.  I’m not talking about an easy read novel.  Pick up that book that you know will make you full and stretch your mind.

The second phrase from Bacon offers a suggestion for how we can increase our effectiveness.  When we read something that stretches us… we need to share it.  Speak up! Too many people offer pithy and trite opinions.  Your world needs more people to speak intelligently with facts and truth. So when you read, tell people what you are learning.

Finally, Bacon points out that we need to write out what we learn so that we will be “exact.” Writing helps us remember and internalize what we read and speak about.

Do Now Suggestion: Stop reading this… in your journal (or your app that serves as a journal) write down something you read recently that was deep, insightful, inspiring or just cool.

If you make the Read-Speak-Write-Repeat cycle a part of your daily routine, you will definitely find yourself One Grip Higher!

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