If you want to get One Grip Higher today,,, consider viewing people the way my dog does!

In a recent edition of National Geographic (March 2011) in an article about the relationships between humans an animals, the Editor, Chris Johns had an interesting observation about his dog.  “There is not such thing as a good person or a bad person.  There are only people he desperately wants to meet.” Yukon, my 9 month old Siberian Husky has exactly the same perspective.  If you stop by my house and he is out front on his leash, he will be so pleased to make your acquaintance that he will hardly be able to contain himself. He will bark with tremendous excitement and affection as you approach.  He will lick you (his version of a hearty greeting) and smell you (his handshake) and  simply want to be with you for as long as you are willing to endure his affection. He will really like you for no other reason than the fact that you are AWESOME!

So happy to see you! You are so awesome!

I think the world would be a better place if humans viewed each other the way dogs view us! Every person is AWESOME! Every person we meet is unique, beautiful, valuable and worth spending genuine time getting to know.  Marcus Buckingham posted a great tweet the other day, “Everyone is more interesting then you are, once you get to know them.” Yukon agrees. I am trying to agree as well!

Actually Doing It: The next time you meet someone new, or reconnect with someone you haven’t seen in a while…ask 5 specific questions to learn more about them.

This is not the normal course of human interaction.  We typically ask one question and then start telling about ourselves. If we take the time to ask targeted questions about the person’s life, and really get to know them. I think we will start to really like the people we meet more.  And as we invest in finding out more about them, our influence will grow… and we will get One Grip Higher!

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