If you want to get One Grip Higher today let everyone know that you think they are a superstar!

We live in a culture that places athletes, musicians and entertainers on a pedestal. We seem to believe that only those who entertain us can be superstars.  I believe that anyone who is effective and influential can be a superstar.  we are all unique and possess individual gifts that can profoundly impact and contribute to the world around us. 

Recently I sat in a meeting and listened to Laura Kelley, Special Assistant to Jean- Claude Brizard, the Superintendent of the Rochester City Schools. She said point blank… “Every one should be a superstar… And if they aren’t we should be helping them become one.” I want to have at kind of perspective on the people with whom I have influence. I want to act from this perspective.

Action Step: Tell someone that you see excellence in something they do!

How can we do that? The next time you are in a conversation with someone in your sphere of influence, say something that will specifically inspire them to excellence. What do you see them doing really well? Tell them! If you can see what makes them a superstar in one area… Make a connection between that area and their potential in another area.

If you want to get One Grip Higher, let people know you see them as a superstar!

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