If you want to get One Grip Higher Today try adding a gratitude signature to the end of your next email!

I received an email from a colleague of mine about a rather routine matter today.  The email was only about 2 lines long and was simply sharing some pertinent information.  Nothing unusual, nothing out of the ordinary.  However, at the end right before the signature, he commented on something I had done that was totally unrelated to the purpose of his email.  He than wrote the words, “Very nicely done!”

Those extra three words only took him a couple of seconds to add to the email.  Those extra three words lifted my spirits for the rest of the day. Those three words increased the influence my colleague has in my life.  We humans are strange creatures… the littlest things can have a profound impact on our attitude and perspective. I spent the rest of the day adding little encouragement notes to the end of my emails!

Practical Point: You can get One Grip Higher by taking an extra 5 seconds at the end of your next email to express gratitude as a part of your signature.


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