If you want to get One Grip Higher today… Purpose today what you will do tomorrow.

A friend of mine frequently says, “you can make a morning, but you can’t make an afternoon.” so I decided this I wanted to wake up early and get seriously productive. Last night before bed I mentioned this to my beautiful wife Jenny. She asked when I was thinking of getting up. I replied that I was going to wait and see how I felt in the morning. Without hesitation she said, “If you really want to do that you need to purpose tonight to do that tomorrow.” Jenny knows that I often plan to do things and don’t always follow through (especially when there is a snooze button option). Basically Jenny was pointing out that I couldn’t put off a decision like this until a future moment in which I would not be able to make the decision clearly.

The word purpose is interesting… The Wikipedia definition is “a result, end, mean or goal of an action intentionally undertaken.” This is very different then a plan. A plan is a desired course of action that may or may not get accomplished. A purpose is an end result, an action intentionally undertaken. I say we stop planning and start purposing.

So, last night I set my alarm, and purposed to wake up at the desired time. It wasn’t necessarily easier, but the shift in perspective provided an increased motivation to make it happen.

All too often, we let our plans get disrupted by our whims, emotions and feelings of the moment. This is human nature… But if we purpose to do what we plan… We can get One Grip Higher today!

Practical Application: Pick one task that you have planned to get done and keep putting it off. Purpose to get it done tomorrow, and set your cell phone as a reminder (choose a time tomorrow that you know you have a few free minutes). Try it and you will find yourself One Grip Higher.


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