Today you can get One Grip Higher by knowing who you are!

I just got back from watching the theatrical stage version of The Lion King. The costumes Were sensational, the singing superb and the dancing electrifying. But one line spoken by the monkey, Rafik, in the middle of the second act captured my full attention. After years of aimless wandering and avoiding responsibility (Hakuna Matata) Simba is confronted with an incredible question… “Who are you?”

In the story, Simba had spent so long running away and trying to be someone he wasn’t, that he had forgotten who he was. He had no influence, no purpose and no passion! It wasn’t until he remembered who he was that he was able to accomplish anything significant. It was only through knowing who he was, that he had influence and became worth following.

I think the same is true for us… We are each unique, and it is that uniqueness that makes us valuable and worthy of influence. However, we will only have influence if we know who we are and act accordingly. No one wants to follow a fake. No one wants to be influenced by someone without an understanding of who they are. I heard a quote from Steven Furtik today that supports this truth. “Figure out your own sound… And play it loud!” I like that! I want to play my sound as loud as I can.

Putting it in to Practice: Today, why not take 1 minute, close your eyes and meditate on what makes you unique. What do you bring to your work, school, church, family or group… Hat no one else has? Then play that sound loud! Hopefully that will take you One Grip Higher!

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