A few months ago, I  bought my wife a puppy.  His name is Yukon and he is a beautiful Siberian Husky. About 3 weeks after we brought Yukon home I noticed half of a blue Crayola marker on the floor of my garage (where we keep him while we are a work!) Needless to say the second half of the marker had been eaten by our puppy.  Guess what happened a couple hours later… blue bowel movements emerged from the other end of Yukon!  This illustrated the age old principal: “What goes in, must come out”, in vivid form!

As seniors, this story has significant application to your life, right now.  What you put in to your life, school, friendships, sports, work and/or family, is what you will get out of them. As we approach the end of your high school career, it is imperative, now more than ever, that you take Small Steps to ensure that you are putting in the things to your school and life that will allow you to Make Your Dreams Come True! Success in life is not a random lottery dependent on chance and a lucky break! Neither is it a complex and impossible obstacle.  Success in life is the simple result from putting the right things into your life and it all begins with the right Small Steps!

Here are a few Small Steps you could chose to take to put the right things into your life this year to move you toward Success in life:

  1. Be Here: Attend school every day. Attendance matters! If you don’t learn this skill now, you will never be able to hold down a job or get the education in college that you need to make your dreams come true!
  2. Advisement: Use advisement to get advice from a teacher you respect.  This is a free education. Like college, advisement allows you to choose your learning opportunities.  Take advantage of that!
  3. Build Your Resume: Join a club that does community service to strengthen your resume.Who will get your dream job… you? Or someone that has spent time giving back to the community?  Who would you hire?
  4. Show Respect: When we show others respect (even when they don’t deserve it), we are ultimately respecting ourselves. We show that we are truly living a quality human life.
  5. Life Plan: Visit the Career Center in the Counseling wing and ask for help developing a life plan.  You can find lots of information that will help you define and pursue your dreams.
  6. Twitter: If you haven’t joined Twitter, you should! It is a chance to learn from brilliant minds for free! And it is all on your cell phone (make sure to follow @greeceolympia).
  7. Make a New Friend: If you never reach out side your current group of friends you will never be truly successful.  You need friends that are similar to you and others who are very different, for you to truly be successful.  You can learn much more from people who are different than from those who are like you.

Here’s the deal… you are at a crossroads in your life! What you put in now, will determine your future direction.  What you choose to invest your time in today will determine whether your dreams come true. You control whether you find success in life.  It isn’t a random thing.  You control your future with the Small Steps you choose to take each and every day!


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